See Your Problem From Two Important Angles

How to Move Between Strategy and Execution

Picture this: you are in the game, it’s a close one…your competitor is right on your heels.  You’ve trained for this, so your next move is almost instinctive: you look for your teammate who’s positioned just ahead of you on your right and you pass the ball.

Phew…they caught it and now it’s up to them to move it forward and SCORE!!!!! Oops, they fumbled it and now they are fighting to retain possession. If only you’d seen they were ever-so-slightly out of position and your competitor was just waiting in the wings to pounce on the ball.

Post-game, you review the tape and what went wrong is just so annoyingly clear. With just a few small adjustments, the pass would have been successful, and your team would have scored. 

And that’s how it goes: your line of sight ‘on the court’ is different from your line of sight ‘in the stands’.

This isn’t just a game analogy either; it’s the reality we face in business as we move between ‘the court’, which you can think of as those times when you are in the thick of things with your business challenge, and ‘the stands’, those times when you get some distance from the challenge and can see it from a broader, more holistic angle.

Both views are important. 

When you’re on the court, you’re in the middle of the game. There’s a lot coming at you, you are deep in the details and reacting to what’s in front of you.

When you move to the stands, you get an elevated view of the situation. You’re able to see more objectively and evaluate what’s happening.

To get to our best solutions, we need to shift between these two views

What’s tricky about this is recognizing where you actually are in any given moment and where you need to be.  

To learn more about ‘on the court, in the stands’ thinking AND the clues you need to shift, go here:


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