Book Some Energy In The Calendar


Invigorated - Recharged - Fresh.

THIS is how most of us feel after vacation.

With just a little time away from work, energy levels are SO noticeably different.

So how can you sustain post-vacay good energy vibes?    

Book Some Energy in the Calendar.

Energy, not time. 

After all, "Managing energy, not time is the key to enduring high performance as well as to health, happiness and life balance.'  - Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz, The Power of Full Engagement


Time. It's so...linear.  Finite.  Out of our control. 

Energy. It's multi-dimensional. In our control. Expandable.

So in the spirit of maintaining good energy vibes, here's our plan:

  • Book more physical energy in the calendar (minimum 5 scheduled walks/bike rides per week, stretching during status meetings, 1-minute planks during breaks)

  • Bring better energy to your day. e.g. more positive self-talk like "I've got this!" and "I ❤️ my work" (or some specific aspect of work)

  • Focus by working in sprints. (Remember the Pomodoro technique? 😊)

  • Full commitment (Best. Reco. Ever.) -- bring your full attention to a task by eliminating all distractions, believing in your abilities and going all in 


So why not build your own energy plan and see how it impacts your day?   

Here's to good energy vibes!


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