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Singapore just keeps on exceeding expectations...

Earlier this year, we talked about how Singapore is a brilliant example of breakthrough thinking in Fly Academy's Think WAAAY Bigger Marketers! webinar.  Here's the snippet if you missed it. 

Well, Singapore continues to impress.

And we're not just talking about last week's Bloomberg article that Singapore is now the world's best place to be during Covid, essentially dethroning New Zealand.  

We're talking about how this small island nation with a population of only 5.7 million is setting out to be a force to be reckoned with in the global food tech space. As Chris Albrecht wrote in The Spoon:


"The world really took note in December when Singapore granted an alt-protein company, Eat Just, the world's first regulatory approval to sell cultured meat.  A couple of weeks following that announcement, that cultured meat went on sale in a Singapore restaurant. 

More recently, Eat Just teamed up with delivery service foodpanda to offer home delivery of cultured meat, making another first for the industry."


Whoa. Talk about taking BOLD action and moving FAST.

Here's a country with little land and no natural resources that knows how to turn problems into opportunities:





And now...

They’re tackling their food security problem head-on: Singapore currently imports over 90% of their food supply, so in 2019 they unveiled their vision of producing 30% of their nutritional needs locally by 2030.   

Based on the recent number of food tech startups now flocking to the island state (Avant MeatsArcher Daniels MidlandBuhler & Givaudan), Singapore is on its way to becoming a global food tech powerhouse.


So if you need a burst of inspiration, let's meet at the Singapore holodeck.

Right after we soak in some holodeck ocean waves


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